Here are two new videos from excellent local act AgesandAges, a well-oiled musical machine whose rotors turn around minute auxiliary percussion and seven-part vocal arrangements, and churn out primal, revival pop that might make you speak in tongues and wriggle around while the spirits possess you! Hallelujah? (...Is that what you say after these sorts of things? I am much too Jewish to confidently use these kinds of metaphors for a band that I like).

The band recently signed to Knitting Factory Records and their debut release, Alright You Restless, is due out in 2011. Let's hope for, ahem, early 2011. Take a peek at the lovely cover art by clicking here.

These videos were shot by the fine and rather prolific folks behind The Bar Bar Apartment Sessions at Mississippi Studios; 16 bands (mostly local) and 47 videos in a mere three months sure ain't bad. And, it doesn't seem at all inappropriate that AgesandAges squeezed an all-ages choir into the vacant apartment above the Studios for this fun shoot. Watch and enjoy!