Last week, Deerhunter frontman and Atlas Sound mastermind Bradford Cox unleashed four, count 'em, four downloadable Atlas Sound mixtapes on the Deerhunter blog. The majority of the so-dubbed Bedroom Databank series' 50 tracks were recorded in the fall of this year. Cox tinkered with instruments like synths, bells, congas, mouth organ and harmonica, and even ventured to cover a couple of tracks—volume one of the series featured Kurt Vile's "Freak Train" and Bob Dylan's "This Wheel's On Fire."

Apparently, Sony Music Entertainment was none too happy about that last part, and decided to delete the links on the grounds of PIRACY. Or at least they tried to—according to Cox, they deleted the links to volumes two through four, not bothering to remove the one that contained the Dylan track. Whoops!

From the Deerhunter blog:

"Your Files Have Been Deleted"
Apparently Sony Music Owns my bedroom. Feel free to call or email and let them know what you think. I can understand them requesting for me to remove a cover but the only one I can imagine that happening with is Dylan. Which was on Vol. 1. Which was not deleted. I am re-uploading the files now. I'll put new links in the posts.

Head over to his blog to check out all of the material—the links for volumes two through four have been resurrected, and the link for number one is still alive and well—as well as a contact email and phone number for Sony Music Entertainment's Anti-Piracy division to ask them just WTF they were thinking.