Seattle's merciless no-wave trio Stickers have just embarked on a west coast tour with Brooklyn's K-Holes (featuring members of Hardly Art-signees Golden Triangle), both of whom will be playing East End tonight. Stickers, who celebrated the release their brand new Thanksgiving EP last night in Seattle, fuse the no-wave skronk of The Contortions with the effusive fem-punk of X-Ray Spex and The Slits, creating an art-damaged mess of deep, distorted bass lines, sung-spoken diss lyrics, minimalist punk percussion, and saxophone hiccups. While their live recordings hold up on their own, it's Stickers' live show that really brings the band out of their shell, especially if the show is experienced in cramped, confined spaces like a living room, or in dark hallows of East End. This band adheres itself to me like my ears were the bumpers of a demolition derby car.