While a few notable downtown clubs aren't going to make it until the new year, across the river at East End there are a few big changes brewing as the club prepares to celebrate their third anniversary.

At first, there was rumor of a few all-ages concerts coming to their showspace, but those have been nixed. Sort of. The first change comes as East End expands their in-venue record store, Omnibus. Technically the first record/bar in Portland—pre-dating Hall of Records and Record Room by a few months—Omnibus is growing its vintage LP stock to include new music plus plenty of local releases as well. Part of this expansion includes a separate room connected to Omnibus solely dedicated to all-age in-stores. Yes, all-age in-stores. As they should be, these will be free shows and open to all.

If that wasn't enough the East Enders are launching C&G Records, their very own record label. (Not to be confused with "From the Streets of Compton" CG Records, or "Bringing you the best of Soul's New Voices" C&G Records out of Raleigh, or the C&G Records from Baden-Württemberg, Germany.) This C&G will be behind an upcoming series of reissues, bootlegs, compilations (with "classic underground stuff from the '60s and '70s") and a live cassette series as well.

And since this is the club's third anniversary, they are (naturally) throwing three separate shows to celebrate:
December 3rd: Nobunny, Guantanamo Baywatch, Pure Country Gold
December 4th: Honest John Plain, Defiance, Greatest Hits
December 10th: Oh Sees, Bare Wires, Cyclotron, Orca Team