It is what it is. And what it is is the brand new Mercury Music Hour. Isn't it? I suppose I could have worded that more clearly. The Mercury Music Hour is heard weekly at noon on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on 910 AM, on HD radio at 94.7 Too, and streaming online at And if it isn't, it's heard right here. It is!


The Mercury Music Hour: Episode 22


Playlist after the jump!

1. Monarques - "Oh No"
2. Cajun Gems - "Hat Trick"
3. System and Station - "Pardon Me"
4. Ryan Dolliver - "My World"
5. Modest Mouse - "Never Ending Math Equation"
6. YACHT - "Summer Song"
7. Teeath - "Burn to the Sea"
8. Fist Fite - "Legs"
9. O Bruxo - "Papa Gallo"
10. World's Greatest Ghosts - "Mazes and Monsters"
11. The Epoxies - "Products"
12. Jack Lvov Lewis - "Broken Song"
13. Brittle Bones - "You Wannit"
14. Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside - "Vocal Chords"
15. Black Prairie - "Hickory Wind"
16. The Clampitt Family - "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You"
17. cinema/minimal - "Slow Down"