Photo: Dan Oneal
  • Photo: Dan Oneal

Portland sludge-spaz-awesome trio Rabbits is unleashing Lower Forms on February 15. It'll be the band's first proper full-length album (12-inches and splits abound in their discography) and it's coming out on Relapse Records. Lower Forms was recorded at Type Foundry with Jeremy Romagna and Lauren K. Newman (LKN). As we've said before, Rabbits are awesome, and their full-length record has quickly jumped to the top of our eagerly awaited local releases for next year. In the meantime, they're playing Thursday, December 16 at Dante's. Also, there is an incredibly cool piece of artwork by Zachary Baldus on Rabbits' homepage—you should definitely check it out.

Cover art and track listing after the jump.


RABBITS - Lower Dens
release date February 15, 2011

1 Burn, Sun, Burn
2 A Tale Of Tales
3 We Beat
4 Noise to Share
5 Duck, the Pigs
6 Invisibugs
7 The Flow Below
8 Weight Here
9 No Depth
10 Rot