(Mississippi Studios, 3939 N Mississippi) For some reason, I assumed that "lumineer" was a forgotten, old-timey word for a dude who holds a lantern or something. But a firing-up of the old search engine reveals that lumineers are actually some kind of porcelain denture! I don't think this matters to the Denver folk-strummers in the Lumineers, whose energetic songs match all kinds of smiles, from ragged, gap-toothed grins to perfect glistening rows of pearly whites. The Lumineers have all the ammo they need: terrific songs, and a fantastic singer in the form of Wesley Keith—but the other Lumineers absolutely pull their weight, with gently rollicking folk-flecked arrangements that put every note in the right place. There's longing and joy in equal doses in the Lumineers' tunes, and their raucous live show doesn't ever trample their delicate melodies. This is a band you're going to hear plenty from in the future. NED LANNAMANN

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