I only have one tiny issue with APDXMAS—the cover art. First of all, Santa is black. I'm totally okay with this—thanks, Obama—but why does the black Santa get the hoopty of magical sleds? Two reindeers? That's it? Plus he's clearly not in Portland, given the snow-covered rooftops in the background. And why does white Santa get a red velvet bag of toys, while this Santa has what looks like a Glad trash bag? So many questions.

Oh, the music?

It's quite excellent. This all-local Christmas compilation produced by Paul Laxer has a great collection of Portland acts (see after the jump for the complete tracklisting) and is available for free right here. Although, unless you want black Santa to mess up your shit with his two reindeer sled, you should donate to APDXMAS' PayPal account.


Typhoon - "Merry Xmas Anyways"

1. Alan Singley - Staying Inside
2. OH Captain My Captain - This Will Be Our Year
3. Captain Catastrophe - Jolly Old St. Nicholas
4. O Horizon - Do You Hear What I Hear?
5. Onuinu - Happy Home
6. Wild Ones - Go Tell It On The Mountain
7. Aan - Christmas Brats
8. Mannequinhead - Last Christmas
9. Lee Corey Oswald - Rocks For A Mouth
10. Richard Bennett - Run Run Rudolph
11. Hosanas - Three Kings
12. Ghosties - I Will Be Hating You For Christmas
13. Michael Kitson - Carol Of The Bells
14. Typhoon - Merry Xmas Anyways
15. Skip Roxy - Little Drummer Boy
16. Sam Cooper - Rock of Ages
17. Yeah Great Fine - Happy Christmas (War Is Over)
18. Royal - All I Want for Christmas Is You
19. The Happening - Blue Christmas
20. Son and Elder - Wonderful Christmastime
21. Duover - Coyote Christmas
22. King Friday feat. Jake Hershman - Hanukkah oh Hanukkah
23. Meyercord - Never Kissed Under Mistletoe

Paul Laxer