Before you learn anything true about the musical group Mountain Man (don't you click that link just yet!), let's go ahead and embrace the first images that come to mind:



And perhaps you hear this. Or maybe, you hear nothing but the stirred silence of brooding and plotting for your life while gray wolves howl in the distance; the weary sighs from treacherous Rocky Mountain trailblazing and beaver-trapping (and also, fashionable fur hat-making); None of those things? YOU CLICKED THE LINK, DIDN'T YOU?!

So I guess you know they look like this:


And sound like this:

Well, that's nice, hmm? And exemplary of what you can anticipate on the Bennington, VT trio's excellent debut album, Made The Harbor, which is seriously bursting with impressive vocal work. For instance, this song was originally written and performed by the Mills Brothers, but the girls render it in a way all their own, keeping the soul and jive wholly in tact without any instrumentation.
Hear for yourself:

Mountain Man- "How'm I Doin'?"

And for fun, the original:

Mills Brothers- "How Am I Doing Hey Hey"

Thankfully, Mountain Man has announced a tour that will bring them back to Portland, and in a venue that is accessible to the public (their last show was at the beginning of the year in the Reed College Chapel). You can catch these hand-holding sirens blazing a nice trail for themselves at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall on February 19th, 2011, in support of some band called The Decemberists. Tickets can be found at the PCPA box office or online here.