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The Mercury Music Hour: Episode 23


Playlist after the jump!

1. Willy Vlautin & Paul Brainard - "Paul Newman Saves the Night"
2. The Shaky Hands - "Summer's Life"
3. Young & Wilder - "Amandine"
4. Spoon - "Well-Alright"
5. The Kingdom - "Love Is My Nation"
6. Adrian Orange - "While You Live"
7. Ocean Age - "Kitsune"
8. A Weather - "Giant Stairs"
9. Lackthereof - "Fake Empire"
10. Sleepyhead - "Rip Van Winkle"
11. Sandpeople - "Beyond Us"
12. Headless Heroes - "True Love Will Find You in the End"
13. Tu Fawning - "Diamond in the Forest"
14. Forest Park - "Harp"
15. Calamity Jane - "Miss Hell"
16. The Taxpayers - "And the Damn Thing Bit Him"
17. Soft Paws - "She Hasn't Got Any Hands"