Grind-n-sample punks Graf Orlock have clinched their lifetime achievement award for awesome vinyl packaging. Their split with Greyskull is packaged in a backpack, the Destination Time Yesterday 10-inch has a pop-up gatefold of a toothy alien popping out of a dude's chest, and now we have the sweet excessive packaging of the new Doombox EP. From the press release:

Behold, the Doombox EP, whose packaging consists of an actual-size (30”x10”x10”) fold-out cardstock “boombox.” The “boombox” holds the Doombox EP in 10” vinyl and CD formats, as well as a separate CD containing the band’s three previous releases, known collectively as the Destination Time Trilogy.


Hats off, gents! Can't wait to see the next twelve inch—I vote it be packaged inside the light-sabered, hollowed-out chest of a Tauntaun. The deluxe boombox packaging won't be released until January 18th—they are taking pre-orders now at Vitriol Records— so don't come to tonight's show at Branx expecting to come away with one.