As we all know the Decemberists are gearing up to release the back-to-their-roots The King Is Dead on January 18. But that's awhile away, so the band is teasing us with the lovely little single, "January Hymn” and it's dancing beartastic B-side, “Row Jimmy.”

*turns off Volcano Vaporizer*
Hey man, isn't "Row Jimmy" a Grateful Dead cover?

Sure is, Cheech. I heard the rumor that the band recorded this song right after attending moe.'s "Tropical Throe.down 2010" and that Decemberists' guitarist Chris Funk chopped off a finger to accurately recreated that sweet Captain Trips' guitar sound. The "January Hymn" single is available now for purchase at finer local indie record shops, or you can just barter for it. Last I checked the going rate is a peanut butter sandwich and a story from Burning Man, or two hula hoop lessons.


The Decemberists - "January Hymn"

The Decemberists - "Row Jimmy"