Sorry, Willy
  • Sorry, Willy

I'm not saying the fine upstanding journalists of End Hits got incredibly fucked up at this year's Pickathon—I don't remember—but there were some questionable Twitter posts from the festival that I do not recall sending. Included in these was a hashtag campaign that just failed to catch on like we had hoped it would: #fakewillyvlautintweets

From @endhits

Lost all my rent money on a bad parlay & ended up sleeping at the Reno bus station. Later I got drunk with a horse. #fakewillyvlautintweets

From @alisonhallett

Car broke down at the strip club on the way to my kid's birthday party. Luckily, his mom was working. #fakewillyvlautintweets

From @mightytoycannon

An old man with urine stained pants handed me half of his cheeseburger and asked where I was headed. #fakewillyvlautintweets