Clearly a loving ode to the oversized green creature that haunts vegetable patches the word over, Big Green is the name of the upcoming full-length (due out January 25) from Portland-via-Connecticut act Quiet Life. It's also the name of the second song from that album to get its very own music video (you can view the first one here).

In this clip, the Quite Life trio head deep into woods where they steal precious resources—moss, a plant, a freaky looking slug—to decorate their garage. I'm sure an endangered baby spotted owl would look great in that garage as well, why don't you guys just club one to death and cram its lifeless bird corpse in the corner?

The band's CD release show will be at the Doug Fir on Saturday, February 12. Bring your own bushes and slugs.

Conflict on interest pony insists we mention that End Hits' very own Raquel Nasser sings background on this song.