The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger—the recent musical undertaking of Sean Lennon and his ladyfriend, Charlotte Kemp Muhl—write songs you might expect to hear while spiraling down Alice's rabbit hole. Their debut record, Acoustic Sessions, is filled with truly bizarre imagery, yet delivered with enough whimsy and charm to keep a listener enticed.

With that said, here is an entertaining video of the duo from NPR's awkward-yet-awesome Tiny Desk Concerts (which are filmed in the NPR music office! The Merc music office could host something like this if there was just a little more space, but Ezra refuses to trade Olive the pug's canine palace in for a regular-sized dog house). I'm not sure I've seen anyone chew gum and sing since, well, this vaguely influential British band's recorded studio session. However, since Muhl is a megababe model, I suppose she gets away with certain things; like, you know, eventually sticking the gum under the tiny desk before the last song, when she realizes she's chewing it.

The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger will perform at The Woods on January 28th with Laura Gibson. Curious head adornments are encouraged.