Lush Portland crooner Holcombe Waller is preparing his latest recording, Into the Dark Unknown, for a February 22 release. And now the album's first single, the nostalgic "Bored of Memory," has a video (directed by Waller and Alicia Rose) to accompany it. In this romantic clip, Waller recreates his first date with his boyfriend, a sort of musical Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, but with much less Jim Carrey.

The actors in "Bored of Memory" are essentially recreating my first date with my boyfriend. I am behind one of the two cameras, but what's in front is pure fictionalized autobiography. On our first date back in the Summer of '09, my boyfriend Blake and I headed out to "Rooster Rock" State Park — a spot on the Columbia River Gorge originally named "Cock Rock" by famed historical Northwest explorers Lewis and Clark because of a highly phallic natural basalt stone obelisk that stands there on the Oregon side of the river. Not ironically, today "Rooster Rock" is Portland's main gay nude beach, and one of the eight wonders of the world in terms of it's natural beauty.

h/t: Out Magazine