Holy hot dog, it's time again for this week's episode of the Mercury Music Hour, the only all-local one-hour radio show brought to you by the chuckleheads at the Mercury. Every week, you can listen to the Mercury Music Hour at noon on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on 910 AM, on HD radio at 94.7 Too, and streaming online at And now you can take home this week's episode for your very own!


The Mercury Music Hour: Episode 27


Playlist after the jump!

1. Strfkr - "Born"
2. Lackthereof - "Half Off Drugz"
3. Chrome Wings - "Drip City"
4. The Blow - "Parentheses"
5. Fernando - "Angel of Death"
6. Ashia Grzesik - "Rip up Your Stitch"
7. Eux Autres - "The Sundance Kid"
8. Anne - "Perfect Teeth"
9. Hutch and Kathy - "In Brilliance"
10. The Shaky Hands - "Why and How Come"
11. Yes, Father - "Headache"
12. Old Believers - "Waltz #3"
13. Drew Grow - "Company"
14. Icarus the Owl - "The Extortionist"
15. Poison Idea - "Painkiller"
16. The Estranged - "The Subliminal Man"
17. W.H. Walker - "Suds!"