In honor of Paul Stanley’s birthday, today has been deemed National Talk Like Paul Stanley Day. Oooooo yeeeaaaahh! People... let me hear you!! Can you think of a better way to pay homage to the greatest voice in stage banter history? Ooowwww! If you thought Talk Like A Pirate Day was a good day to pick up chicks, try some of these gems down at the firehouse tonight:

“How many of you people like to take a taste of alcohol!?”

“Your good looking and your looking like you could be good.”

“Put your hand in my pocket, grab on to my rocket!”

“How many of you girls…like to get licked? How many of you guys like to get licked?”

So gargle some Cold Gin and end every sentence with some “ooooo yeah” cause we gonna get this place… I said we gonna get this place… that’s right! Hotter Than Hel!!! Whoooooaaaaa riiiigghhtt!