"Baby Bitch" tells you to fuck off beautifully. It's a break-up song that lets you down gently, but viciously. Chocolate and Cheese didn't have "Push Th' Little Daisies" as I had hoped, but I quickly discovered that it was ripe with fine pop tunes whose backs were against the wall of revenge, mockery, and humor. "Baby Bitch" embodied a soul, a broken one mind you, that later lead to my proclamation that Ween are the Beatles for our generation. Never had I heard a song that could gently address a "stinking ass hoe" and conclude "the most beauty I've seen, you've come from a dream, but I can't close my eyes anymore." It was a break-up wake-up. There are other songs that could cause equal emotional reckoning as "Baby Bitch," but this one tops 'em all.