"Birthday Boy,"
off the terrific God Ween Satan, is the precursor to "Baby Bitch," the song which the lyric "wrote 'Birthday Boy' for ya, babe," falls. Like "Baby Bitch," "Birthday Boy" is a backhanded kiss-off, but it still maintains a glimmer of hope that everything will eventually work itself out. (Obviously it didn't). Like most early Ween recordings, it is lo-fi at its rawest, like a rough 4-track demo with hiss, distortion and background noise (if you listen closely, you can hear Pink Floyd "Echoes" playing). "Birthday Boy" is not as harsh or mean as the cock rocking cut "You Fucked Up" (also on God Ween Satan), but it still delivers the message to someone, that despite any differences that may have arose, there are both reasons to stay and walk away completely. To whoever these songs were addressed to: thank you for inspiring Ween to write songs about you. But I hope we never, ever date.