If there is one thing Ween fans love, it's getting loaded. Though "Booze Me Up and Get Me High" was never officially released, Ween shared an mp3 of this outtake from The Mollusk sessions on their website, and it instantly became a set-in-stone anthem for Ween fans worldwide. No liquor is left untouched, with Ween depleting the bar of it's red wine, Goldschläger, whiskey, tequila and Guinness. What's most surprising is that it's an outtake from The Mollusk, not from 12 Golden Country Greats, the country album Ween recorded a year prior with Nashville session players. Even without the southern drawl and barroom piano,"Booze Me Up and Get Me High" has all the makings of a country anthem, fit for an arena with lighters blazing. It also makes you very, very thirsty.