That band that will not be named—aw, fuck it, let's name 'em: They're back to Starfucker for good, and hooray for that—did an Into the Woods session for their Feels Like Home series, of which you should take a peep right now. It's a great-sounding take, complete with samples from a dog-training cassette to lead in and out of the song. Andrew R Tonry has an extended commentary on the shoot over at the Into the Woods site, which is definitely worth reading. In the meantime, here's "Mystery Cloud," from their forthcoming album Reptilians.

Into the Woods hosts their one-year anniversary on Thursday at Holocene with music from, amongst others, Skeletron, another project from Starfucker's Josh Hodges. Starfucker themselves won't play town until the end of April, but they're doing a three-night stand at three different venues around town.