If Dean saw Gene crying in his sleep and they both shed a tear for Eddie, then everyone has the right to least one Ween song to weep over. "I'll Miss You" is that song to me. "I'll Miss You," which appeared on the soundtrack to the 1996 flick Beautiful Girls, is one of those songs that can hit you square in the heart and leave feeling crippled, drowning in your own puddle of tears. It is the swan song to a relationship that is going away. I can't count the times the song has wormed itself back into my life to coincide with a recent or pending break-up. "I'll Miss You" last struck in September, when a gal I had been dating for a few months and recently broke up with was about to leave the country. When Gene sang "You're packing stuff for your big big move," I practically lost it. I knew that when she returned, we wouldn't speak to each other again. Considering my nearly perfect track record of maintaining solid friendships with exes, it was a harsh toke to stomach. This song evokes the good times shared in a relationship, the things we like about being in a relationship with someone, that just don't work out in the end.

Regardless, it was nice what we had.