Years ago I remember interviewing the Builders and the Butchers for the sadly now-defunct St. John's Sentinel. I had just seen them at the slightly-less-sadly now-defunct Towne Lounge. They killed it, demolishing the wall between audience and performer like I'd rarely seen, stomping around through the crowd, handing out all manor of clanking percussion, screaming through an un-mic'd funnel.

Since they've become one of Portland's biggest, most reliable bands. And while they've been able to bring much of the their raucous, riotous, all-inclusive folk-dance-macabre to some of the city's biggest venues, the Builders are heading back to where it all began: the streets.

As singer Ryan Sollee explained to me in that original interview, the Builders started out playing unamplified on street corners—busking, really. And that's exactly what they plan to do all across Portland on February 25th—yell and stomp and strum for all to hear.

It's one of the better concepts Portland bands have come up with in some time. Then again, they're doing it in February. And what happens if no one wants to stand around in the rain? Well, we'll just have to see—certainly choosing July would've been the safe bet. But if the band is compelling enough to pull folks in enough to accept getting soaked, well, score one for the Builders.

UPDATE: The full day schedule for February 25 after the jump.

12pm — Trade Up Music (1834 NE Alberta St.)
1pm — Rebuilding Center (3265 N. Mississippi Ave.)
2pm — Food Carts on Skidmore St. (weather permitting)
3pm — Jackpot Records (3574 SE Hawthorne Blvd.)
4pm — Powell’s Books Downtown (1005 W. Burnside)
5pm — VooDoo Doughnuts Downtown (22 SW 3rd St.)
6pm — Doug Fir Patio
7:30pm — Music Millennium In-store (3158 East Burnside)