Do you know who Harry Nilsson is?

Okay, let me rephrase that; Do you know anything else about Harry Nilsson besides the fact that he sang that amazing opening song for Midnight Cowboy?

Well, if not—or even if you do, and you sleep with a copy of Schmilsson under your pillow—you should really watch Who Is Harry Nilsson? (And Why is Everyone Talkin' About Him?). Like, now. I'm sure you can find it at one of Portland's excellent video rental stores; otherwise, it's one of those ones you can watch instantly on Netflix (right along with Blue Crush and Revenge of the Bridesmaids). It is a thorough and engaging portrait of a man who is arguably one of the best singers and songwriters of the times.

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A section of this clip was featured in the documentary, originating from a TV special Nilsson did for the BBC called, "The Music of Nilsson." Harry rarely performed live, and was hesitant to tape the segment, so it was decided he would have some extra moral support on stage from, well, himself. Certainly does well to illustrate the flawless multi-part harmonies he's got going on here, all of which were recorded by him.

(You can watch the whole program here).

Also, Aquarium Drunkard recently posted this interview with the filmmaker, John Scheinfeld, which you should read once you've finished watching the documentary.