Leonard Mynx has no shortage of material. I think he told me he's got three finished records in the pipeline—pretty impressive considering how busy the guy is, and that he suffered a hit-and-run car accident last year on the Morrison Bridge, and had to walk with a cane for a short time. Anyway, Mynx has got one of these new albums prepped and ready, titled Son of the Famous So and So, and it's culled from 27 tracks he recorded at Type Foundry with Norfolk and Western's Adam Selzer. You can listen to it now on Bandcamp, and Mynx is playing a release show for it at the Woods in March.

A little bit more about the album:

Son of the Famous So and So was conceived in the winter of 2009. Leonard Mynx found himself at the mercy of a harsh blizzard in Edmonton, Canada. Rendered immobile by the drifts, he took refuge at the home of some newly made friends. Also in his company was the son of a German count. Mynx spent several evenings perched in front of a large fireplace, snifter of brandy in hand, listening to tales of the German's family. His lineage ran back to the Holy Roman Empire. He spoke of bittersweet past lives and how his own position plagued him. At one point the German remarked, "I sometimes wish I were an orphan, rather than the son of the famous so and so." On a sleepy train ride from Edmonton to Portland, OR, Mynx sculpted the songs that would become Son of the Famous So and So.


Leonard Mynx - "Sing Radio"