Alela Diane is solo no more. The local-via-NoCal singer-songwriter now travels under the moniker Alela Diane & Wild Divine, which just so happens to be the title of her forthcoming Rough Trade release due out on April 5.

The Wild Divine is composed of her guitarist (and husband) Tom Bevitori, bassist Jonas Haskins, drummer Jason Merculief, and her other guitarist Tom Menig (AKA, her dad). Yes, Diane plays in a band with her husband and father. That is awesome. Alela Diane & Wild Divine was produced by Scott Litt (The Replacements, Liz Phair, REM), his first project in the past seven years.

The only thing better than hearing songs? Reading the names of songs. Here's the tracklisting:
1. To Begin
2. Elijah
3. Long Way Down
4. Suzanne
5. The Wind
6. Of Many Colors
7. Desire
8. Heartless Highway
9. White Horse
10. Rising Greatness