Eccentric D.I.Y. pioneer R. Stevie Moore recently moved back to his hometown of Nashville after losing his home in New Jersey. What's this down and out musician, who has more than 400 albums under his belt, going to do? He's making another record, of course. But to make it happen, he is asking for the monetary support of his dedicated fans. Moore has generated more than half the funding of his $10,000 project, set up at Kickstarter, but only has nine days to go before this Kickstarter campaign ends.

We know money is tight, but there are numerous perks to pledging your hard earned cash to one of the most interesting and influential humans in the underground world. For as little as $100, you'll get listed on the album as an Executive Producer, plus receive all sorts of other little RSM goodies. Additionally, he's offering to have personal phone calls, letting you sit in on the recording session, a dinner date, a private concert performed in your home, and at the $2,500 level, actually performing with him on the record. If you aren't charmed by his genuine pleas in the video, there is something wrong with you. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Folks like Ariel Pink, MGMT, and even Ween wouldn't be where they are today, had Moore never been there first, making timeless lo-fi pop songs himself. He's a great unsung hero of the underground and a passionate and persistent musician who will keep the train moving, even when the tracks stop.