Holy smokes! In anticipation of Eternal Tapestry's debut LP for Thrill Jockey Records, Beyond The 4th Door (out March 15), the label dropped the video to "Galactic Derelict" onto the world. And man, is it a colossal meteor of a tune. Clocking in at seven-and-a-half minutes, "Galactic Derelict" is made up of sturm und drang heavy psych that the Tap has been doing for years, falling somewhere between the headiness of modern psychonauts Plastic Crimewave Sound and exploratory Swedish psych visionaries Parson Sound. The video, which pulls clips of unknown sci-fi b-movies from the outer reaches of space, is a chaotic and visually stunning look into what we should be listening to when the world comes crashing down around us. It also serves as a reminder to put a bong and a stash of grass in the fallout bunker.

Eternal Tapestry play tomorrow, Feb. 4 at The Know with Pacific City Nightlife Vision Band