Hotel Cameltoe
  • Hotel Cameltoe

I'm not sure that anyone reads this thing on Saturdays (or ever, for that matter... I assume most of those hits come from guilty family members and bored prisoners) but just in case, I recently discovered that this BBC documentary, Hotel California: LA From The Byrds to The Eagles, is posted in its entirety on YouTube. It's the most encompassing film I've watched on the brief-but-influential spasm that is LA canyon rock, and entertaining enough to distract from the pain of muscle atrophy in hibernation; it also goes well with snacks. The name is pretty self-explanatory, the Eagles being mentioned last not because of chronology—well, yes, because of that—but also because (***spoiler alert***) THEY RUINED EVERYTHING.

Actually, greed, big egos and cocaine really ruined everything. But I'll be damned if Desperado wasn't the soundtrack to the demise.

Below is part 1/7; I trust you can find your way to the rest of the segments from here, Mom. Enjoy.