Monday marks the final date of Federation X's brief tour along the easter seaboard. It was their first shows in some time, save for a one-off in the band's former stomping ground of Bellington, WA.

Before moving to New York Federation X were a northwest band—one of the best heavy riffers with melody since Nirvana. That's right, I said it: Nirvana.

For some years I've been pining for Fed X to return to Portland, another place band members once knocked about. In checking in to what (little) they're been up to, I came across a post on our sister-site, Line-Out. There, Grant Brissey wrote a little piece of fond remembrance, much like what I set out to do here. Then I noticed in the comments that Brissey's wishes were fulfilled two months later. So what the hell? Gotta try, I figure.

So Federation X: It's Time. Play Portland.

Federation X - "Gone Too Long" from the Steve Albini produced X Patriot