The genius comedic duo of Tom Scharpling and Jon Wurster (ya know, WFMU's Scharpling and Wurster) hit a home run with the new video to New Pornographers "Moves." With Scharpling behind the direction, and Wurster starring as A.C. Newman, the video follows the band (all played by actors/comedians) as they make their ascent from the bottom of an empty guitar case to the top of the charts, told in True Hollywood Story fashion ("The Band That Touched a Generation"). There is a not-so subtle mockery of reality and fame (only famous people do blow off slices of pizza and bathe in dollar bills), with nearly all of the Daily Show correspondents turning up through the video, as well as Ted Leo dressed in drag (kinda cute!). It's one of the funniest videos I've seen in some time. And the song is pretty great too (can't say that about the rest of their newest full-length Together). Though I doubt this song will take New Pornographer's to super stardom, it would be a strange twist of irony if something like this actually happened.