LA-based music blog Future Sounds has taken to organizing The Rumble, a slew of shows in major cities around the country, with the intention of stirring up the air for some up-and-coming bands. Tonight, with some help from friends, they've got a stellar and eclectic lineup at Holocene: Letting Up Despite Great Faults (LA), locals Harlowe and the Great North Woods, and another Portland band you've probably seen us spout off about recently, Pigeons.

Oh, and did we mention it's free? You like free! You should go! Also, If you don't, I can't promise that that tooth with the bolo hat—and one tiny tooth of his own, the rest lost to meth—wont stab you. Want an idea of what you're getting yourself into? Head to The Rumble's site for an amuse bouche of MP3s.