And here it is. It's been five long years since we last heard from the Strokes (it feels like longer, for some reason—perhaps because the access of music on the internet has dramatically shortened the typical pop record cycle?), and now here's the first single from their upcoming record, Angles. Annnnndddd.... It sounds like an old Strokes song. A speedy beat, some guitar lines that jut out (like, I don't know, Angles?), a scruffy vocal from Julian Casablancas, and we're right back where we started.

You know, it's FINE. It's not great or earthshattering, or anything remotely addictive the way great pop singles can be—hear this once and that's plenty, you won't exactly need to cue this up on repeat—but there are plenty of worse things that could have happened. It's always nice to hear a pop song with a simple arrangement: guitars, real drums, actual vocals. But maybe that's just me. Shrug.