Yesterday we told you all about this year's dates for the PDX Pop Now! festival, and how the longtime event is switching venues after a long run at Rotture. But we were curious about the move and what PPN! has in store for us, so we asked Benna Gottfried (Media Coordinator) and Frank Rinalidi (Logistics Coordinator) about what we can expect from the festival this year.

Why the move from Rotture to Refuge? Was it because the planned construction going on outside the Rotture space?
Gottfried: You got it. Rotture has been a great home to PDX Pop Now! for many years now, but with the construction outside Rotture, it just wasn't feasible this year. We're very excited about our move to Refuge too, it's a great space and has a lot to offer.

Rinaldi: The PDX Pop Now! Fest has had a slow and steady growth over the last several years and we felt that it was time to grow the production side of the event as well. Refuge is going to allow us to present our event on a whole new level and will give us the opportunity to integrate multimedia, a bigger light show, and build a better interactive fan experience.

What's the capacity of Refuge? Is it bigger inside than Rotture/Branx? What will the capacity be for the outside stage?
Rinaldi: The inside space holds about 800. We are still trying to determine the outside capacity but I am thinking about 1000 in the parking lot with overflow for 400 more on to SE 2nd.

You previously mentioned some "more improvements in the works," what did you have in mind?
Rinaldi: Fans are going to be pleasantly surprised with the increased production value at both the indoor and outdoor stages. Outside they will to find bigger staging, better sound and lights, and a cleaner and more presentable outdoor space to hang out. We are going to incorporate a food cart and vendor area as well. I really want our older fans (those over 30) to feel like they can bring their kids, walk around a bit, and comfortably hang out all day if they so desire.

The indoor space at Refuge is going to blow people away. It's truly one of Portland's hidden gem venues that is about to be discovered by a new audience. It sounds amazing and is very hospitable for fans. Maria [Toth, Refuge's owner] has done an incredible job curating a place for artists of all types to congregate and create I am really excited for the myriad of possibilities of what we can do from an interactive standpoint. Additionally, our artists are going to enjoy the amenities of our new location and better production.

Will there be a bar area for those of age? Or will everyone be making the trek over to Bunk Bar?
Gottfried: Refuge PDX will be running a bar at the venue during PDX Pop Now! There will be audio (and possibly video) streamed in to the bar area from the stages, so you won't have to miss out on the performances.

Rinaldi: Yes, as Benna said, the venue will be operating a bar that will be open at all times throughout the weekend where our fans can enjoy a beverage and still hear the music from both stages.

For more information on PPN! visit their site.