A Smashing Resemblance?
  • A 'Smashing' Resemblance?

Last week, Billy Corgan attempted to remind people that he still fronts a band he calls The Smashing Pumpkins by revealing on Twitter that his new bassist, Nicole Fiorentino, was one of the two girls featured on the cover of the band's 1993 release Siamese Dream. The news got around over the weekend and raised a fair share of surprised glances. But, was it too good to be true?

Today, credible site TMZ (right?) are trying to tell us Fiorentino's not the girl after all. Gasp!

One of the girls on an iconic Smashing Pumpkins album cover is calling BS on Billy Corgan for claiming the band's new bassist was the OTHER girl on the cover.

The "Z" is reporting that Ali Laenger, the cover's other girl, has come forward to dispute Corgan's announcement, saying the photo was taken specifically for the album, making Fiorentino nearly 14 at the time of the shoot, and seemingly too old.

So, is this just a publicity stunt on Corgan's part to get people talking about the band in any context? Or did Fiorentino really tell Corgan she was the girl, either displaying an unfortunate amount of delusions or ultimately trolling her new bandmate? Or is it possible that TMZ's rigorous and dedicated fact-checking department have missed this one, and it's genuine?

Surely, this story has a few more unnecessary twists left to go. Hopefully, it'll wrap up sooner than Corgan's current, most head scratching project yet, Teargarden by Kaleidyscope, a 44-song "concept album" being released a song at time over the course of several years. Actually, that's baffling enough as it is. So, to ease the pounding in my head, here's a video of SP back in Siamese Dream era, playing one of my favorites, "Mayonaise."