As we've said before, on Saturday, Pure Country Gold will play their last show ever. But they don't want to let any PCG fans go home empty handed (not that your hands won't be double-fisting tall boys anyway). So they've graciously shared this sweet little unreleased cover of The Bugs "Silver Train No. 9," a tune that was originally intended for a 7" single that was never released. "Silver Train No. 9," was recorded a year ago in the bedroom of Mean Jeans' own Jeans Wilder manning the decks. "Jake and I both think The Bugs are one of the greatest bands on the planet," says Patrick Foss, "'Silver Train...' was always one of our favorite songs to play live." They take this straight ahead ripper off the rails. Hang on to your seats, kiddos!

Pure Country Gold "Silver Train No. 9" (Bugs Cover)

In return, The Bugs covered PCG's "King of Cortisone," which upon hearing it for the first time Foss says "was probably the biggest goose-bump moment of my life." Though the Bugs were first band Pure Country Gold asked to play their farewell show at Tonic Lounge, the band were unavailable, but Foss couldn't be happier that his second and third favorite Portland bands (Mean Jeans and Hey Lover) signed up to send his band off to the grave.

Pure Country Gold play Saturday, March 5 at Tonic Lounge (3100 NE Sandy Blvd).