File this one under "Oops, I got stoned and forgot!" Colleen Green, the Massachusetts-born, Los Angeles-based musician, who just kicked off a self-booked month-long U.S. tour, and just released a fantastic 7" EP on Hardly Art last week, will be playing Mudai Lounge tonight. How I managed to forget this show is mind-boggling, since Green has been one of those stuck-in-the-stereo artists to me over the past couple months. It's impossible to escape the ear-worming wonderment of Green's simple, rough-around-the-edges pop songs that are made with an electric guitar, a drum machine, and a human voice. But unlike most things that get stuck in your stereo, being forced to listen to Colleen Green all the time is not a punishment. It fact, compared to most of the halfhearted bandwagon hipsters that have saturated the do-it-yourself garage landscape in recent years, Colleen Green is a God send, and I couldn't be happier having her in my stereo forever. There's a sweetness in most of her songs that come wrapped in a thin film of punk spunk and are dipped into a glass of scuzz-pop. Additionally, she pulls out some pretty fantastic covers: she turns the tables on Nobunny's "I Am A Girlfriend" and does good good things to The Descendents "Good Good Things" (found on her self-released Milo Goes To Compton tape).

I don't know about you, but I think Ol' Queen Colleen Green is well on her way to dethroning King Tuff.

Fall in love (hear her songs) here and here.

Colleen Green plays tonight at Mudai Lounge (801 NE Broadway St.) with Mean Jeans and Nucular Aminals.