Parenthetical Girls have been trying something new. Founder Zac Pennington and company must have gotten tired of releasing albums the old fashioned way, because for the last year they've been slowly but steadily putting out a five part EP series that will eventually form their fourth full length, Privilage.

Already two down, the Portland based quartet are now set to release part three, Mend and Make Do, on March 22nd. The limited edition EP, hand numbered in blood (seriously), features the band's new single, "The Pornographer," a thumping lo-fi psychedelic saunter with a heavy blues riff. More reminiscent of Pennington's earlier home recordings than the orchestral pop of late, the song is freaked out kick in the pants from the Parenthetical Girls.


Parenthetical Girls - "The Pornographer"

Full disclosure: Pennington is an occasional freelancer for this paper.