It's that time of year again, local musical friends (and non-local musical friends of friends), for the meanest record label in history—Tender Loving Empire—to begin gathering songs for their compilation, Friends and Friends of Friends Vol IV. In case you're not familiar, this annual release is comprised of two discs—one designated for Portlanders and another for outsiders, or "pen-pals," as TLE so hatefully refers to them—and intends on bringing together independent labels and bands that don't normally have the chance to work together. The likes of Monarques, Y La Bamba, Typhoon, tUnEyArDs, Love Language and more have graced the polycarbonate prisms of past volumes, and this year... well, you could, too.

Here's what to do:

-Write a song, or use one you've already written. It better be good, and formatted as a .wav or .aiff file. Wondering .wtf those are? Check here.
-Go to this website and press the upload button (after filling out the form and reading the terms and conditions, of course).

And that's it! You and your Seoulian friends in that marginal K-Pop band have until May 1st, so get 'em in.