Behold! It's the latest cinematic creation from director Alicia Rose and the madcap men of Menomena. This video for "TAOS," from last year's Mines, finds Joe Haege as a lothario with a fantasy for women and the turnbuckles and Justin Harris as his wrasslin' alter ego that engages in some no holds barred coed grappling action that would make Andy Kaufman proud. Drummer Danny Seim wisely passed on the singlet and played the role of referee, although I think he'd have made a better manager. Like Bobby "The Brain" Heenan or Jimmy "The Mouth of the South" Hart.

Also, suspiciously absent was the band's mascot, Geddy Lee the Pug. If the British Bulldog could bring Matilda into the ring, then I think Geddy Lee should be in this video. I demand a re-shoot!

Oh, speaking of this video, look for our interview with Rose coming tomorrow morning.

h/t: P4K