I interrupt my continuous news stream of STARING AT THE BEAUTIFUL OCEAN in San Diego, CA to present you with a new track from Jared Mees and the Grown Children. A little while back, we supplied you with the first signs of life regarding the band's new record, Only Good Thoughts Can Stay, including the excellent first single, "Hungry Like a Tiger."

Well, here's the second one. It's sufficiently brassy and upbeat; a lovely sundtrack—excuse me, soundtrack— for all of this sun. But I have absolutely no idea how it will be received in Portland; I don't remember anything about that dreary place.
(Just kidding. You will love it... if you can even hear it over all of that rain.)

Jared Mees and the Grown Children- "Limber Hearts"

Mees and his Children (all on leashes, I presume) are currently touring their way down to SXSW (have you heard of that?) and back. Keep your eyes to the Tender Loving Empire site for more info, including a tentative Portland date at the end of March, upon their return. Only Good Thoughts Can Stay is due out May 10.