(Crystal Ballroom, 1332 W Burnside) Devo-lution isn't a theory; it's a reality. As the end of the world looms, who could have guessed that Akron, Ohio's favorite spuds would remain as vital now as when they were acerbic goofballs making weird, punky synth-pop 35 years ago? After reuniting in the late '00s, the now-graying band unleashed live front-to-back interpretations of both Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo and Duty Now for the Future; last year the band released Something for Everybody, their first album of new material in almost two decades. While it's unmistakably Devo, the album wears the strange early-'80s electronic interpolations of Yello's Claro Que Si and Sparks' In Outer Space on the removable sleeves of their yellow suits. This time, the band will literally give something for everybody, pulling both from new material and the fun-da-mental classics. TRAVIS RITTER


(Branx, 320 SE 2nd) "Female Guitar Players Are the New Black," says the title of track five on Marnie Stern's most recent album, her 2010 self-titled record on Kill Rock Stars. Very few exceptions notwithstanding, female guitarists haven't exactly hit that level of ubiquity, but that's kind of Stern's point: An ace ax-wielder with lady parts still remains a novelty for certain people, and a good portion of the attention Stern has earned thus far in her three-album career comes from the fact that she's a reasonably glamorous-looking female in the hoary, neck-bearded world of progressive rock. With frenetically fast guitar tapping and packed-to-the-gills arrangements, her songs are both claustrophobic and exhilarating, with the whirling beats and guitar runs leaving just enough room for Stern's effervescent sweetness, sparkling modestly in the corners. She's joined on this tour by Sacramento's Tera Melos, who have (very slightly) mellowed the warp-speed weirdness of their previous efforts with their latest EP, Zoo Weather, which features a spoken-word appearance by Mike Watt. NED LANNAMANN

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