Here's the video for "Elektrotechnique" by Dutch electronic/hiphop group De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig. (What? That's their name! They're Dutch.) Artists/directors Lernert & Sander created this extraordinary video of homemade sex devices, which are like Rube Goldberg meets Herbie Hancock's "Rockit," but, you know, SEXY. My favorite is the leaf-blower/chair device that spins out of control. But I admit, maybe I'm naive, but I'm not completely certain how some of these work. Like, are you supposed to put your thing in that other thing? Where does the umbrella go, and what does?.... Ohhh, I get it.

I do appreciate the incontrovertible truth-ism that this video purports: that eventually our robot subservients will go haywire, overcome us, and destroy us—possibly while rupturing certain tender parts of our bodies. Because that is WHAT WILL HAPPEN, people.

ht: Simon