Did you know that My Morning Jacket are coming to town? It's true. The band's only Oregon concert will be taking place on Tuesday, June 28 at Edgefield. Did you know that we are giving away a pair of tickets to this very concert every day this week? It's true. But first, the details...

Tickets go on sale this Friday at 10am, but since we're such good buddies (I'm going to ask for you to return this favor when I need a new kidney—it's only fair), you can take part of Thursday's presale (secret password: SUMMERTIME). Now, let's giveaway some tickets.

Today's contest: My Morning Jacket, the crossword puzzle. Lots of questions about the band, Louisville, their home state of Kentucky, and uh, jackets. Yes, jackets. The first person to accurately complete this puzzle (you can send me the completed puzzle itself, or just the individual answers) will take home two tickets to the show. Good luck.

It was close—so many entries were just off by a single word—but we have our winner. This contest is closed, but a new one (without a crossword puzzle) will be up tomorrow.