Sorry Jeld-Wen Field. But, there's a small yellow building north of the Alberta Arts District, a building once known as the Wail and Rererato in years past, and which still bears the Hare Krishna Temple sign from even earlier, that's finally back for more. Still a center for experimental and improvisational art, the sonic bending space is under an awesome new name, The Alice Coltrane Memorial Coliseum, and will open April 10th at 8pm with a show to mark the start of a new chapter in the always eventful history of 5135 NE 42nd St.

The show will feature Sam Coomes (Quasi) as well as experimental musicians Matt Ingalls, Mitchell Brown, and the Tenses. Each performer's sound differs radically from the next, ensuring a truly transformative evening of music. Co-presented by the Creative Music Guild, it's going to be the first in hopefully a long and healthy life of unique shows and community based arts. And while the exact details of what we can expect over the next couple of months is still fuzzy, it's probably going to be more exciting than anything that happens at Jeld-Wen Field for Pete's sake! (Just kidding, soccer fans. Actually, no I'm not.)