If you have not yet caught wind of Dave Depper's 30-day foray into the bizarre world of reproducing Paul McCartney's RAM, where the heck have you been? Reading about Libyan unrest and delayed Japanese radiation reports in a real newspaper? Boooooring. Learn more here.

Today, we present a bonus track with which to pacify your ears while you wait for the day you can hear this batshit undertaking in its entirety (which, by the way, is May 3rd via Jackpot Records). As if RAM was not enough, Depper decided to tackle McCartney's "Oh Woman, Oh Why," the bluesy B-side to "Another Day," Macca's first single sans Beatles. And it's dead on.

Hear for yourself:

Dave Depper: The Ram Project- "Oh Woman, Oh Why"

Now your turn, McCartney! (that's right, you gotta wait):

This track, along with a recording of "Another Day,"—both of which were included as bonus tracks in later editions of RAM—will be available for download with purchase of The Ram Project LP. As for the release show, it's on Saturday, May 7 at the Doug Fir, and has shaped up to be a fantastic night of covers (with Lewi Longmire's rendition of Neil Young's After the Gold Rush and Sean Nelson (of Harvey Danger) singing Harry Nilsson songs). In true Dave Depper fashion, the multi-instrumentalist McCartney impersonator will be performing all three sets. (UPDATE: Depper is reportedly not performing in Longmire or Nelson's sets. [But let's face it, he's a tough guy to keep offstage.]) Pre-order the album here.