Do you like music? Do you have $800 burning a hole in your pocket? Are you lacking "indi street cred"? Do you want to get laid, like, a million times?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, you might want to get in contact with this Portland-area Craigslist poster, who is selling his Rock-Ola Jukebox that plays 45 RPM singles and was manufactured sometime in the 1980s (A little research reveals it is from 1982).

Says the totally awesome Craigslist posting: "It works well and can get as loud as God. This thing is freaking awesome and has gotten me laid like a million times. Comes fully stocked with sweet 7in singles and ample blank title strips so you can customize the shit out of it."

While it is cool that the jukebox comes fully stocked, we have to throw caution to the wind and understand that most of them are probably complete crap (this is coming from someone who once found an box of nearly a two-hundred 45s that were once housed in a jukebox. Aside from some Yello, Depeche Mode, Yaz and other synth-pop singles, the collection was mostly mid-eighties R&B garbage). But those blank title strips would sure come in handy for a record collector who just wants to put their own collection in. I know I would.

Plus, where else are you going to find something that will get you laid a million times?!