My pile of (delicious) failure.
  • My pile of (delicious) failure.

At SXSW, I got drunk. I know, shocking news, right? During my midday inebriation, Rob Simonsen (friend to End Hits) and I got to talking about competitive eating (see the drunk part) and how incredible burritos are (see the drunk part, again). Filled to the brim with Sparks (shameful, I know), I boasted that I could "easily eat six burritos" in one sitting. Sensing an opportunity to take advantage of a drunk man, Rob proposed a concert challenge: If I can eat six La Bonita burritos in 90 minutes, he would go to any concert of my choosing. If I failed, he'd pick a show for me to attend.

Upon sobering up, we quickly realized that I would die (FACT!) if I crammed a half dozen burritos into my body. So, for the sake of my poor wife, we edited the bet down to four burritos in an hour span. Last night I took this bet, and I lost. I plowed through 2.75 burritos, before ultimately giving in.

Now here's the good part. Rob will let you decide my fate. My concert options are listed below and the poll will be open until 5pm tomorrow. Whatever you vote for, I will attend.