(Worksound, 820 SE Alder) When not touring with the Straight Gaze (the backing band for YACHT), Dear Nora's Katy Davidson now records and performs under Key Losers, and she's just unleashed this new project's first full-length album, California Lite. With languid grooves and faintly shimmering psych, Davidson—who's assuredly a Portlander, not a Californian—has definitely made a record in line with her chosen album title, but it's not a bunch of coked-out West Coast yacht rock. Rather, it's an inventive, playful collection of smartly written music, performed with help from members of LAKE, Total Noise, and the illustrious Karl Blau. There are campfire sing-alongs ("Smoggy Mountain High"), Joni Mitchell-like angular post-folk ("Real Time Here"), and moments of tropical flair (just about every song) that belies the album's origins over a wet winter in Anacortes, Washington. This is simply a delightful record, and the bill also includes some of the record's contributors, including Phil Elverum—performing under his Mount Eerie alter ego—and No Kids' Nick Krgovich. NED LANNAMANN